A Premiere Arts in Health Center for Women and Girls

We offer robust arts in health & social justice programming for women and girls of all ages & walks of life (12+), opportunities for artists and healers to share their offerings, and professional development trainings!

We believe the arts help connect us to our health, to our community, and most importantly, to our humanity

Welcome to Soul Circle!

At Soul Circle, we work to cultivate a culture of health and justice for Women and Girls by combining integrative and holistic Arts in Health modalities and practitioners under one roof

By doing so, we prioritize developing healthy and empowered communities through robust arts in health practices that fortify body, mind, and soul wellness!

Our Vision

To create a culturally-relevant, inclusive, and creative wellness center where women and girls can explore health, community, & social justice with the supportive nature of a “soul circle”. To invest in the health of women and girls is to invest in the health and sustainability of our communities.


We aim to foster and develop partnerships with regional and national Arts in Health practitioners, as well as organizations, hospitals, care centers, and more. We have two types of partnerships:

1.) Arts in Health Practitioners: If you are interested in proposing a class or workshop offering, please fill out our Healing Artist Application below

2.) Corporate/Organizational Partners: Please contact us to learn more about how we can collaborate in bringing your community members or patients one step closer to health-centered and socially-conscious art-making.

What Soul Circle Offers

Weekly Classes

Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Community Outreach

A Little Soul for Everyone

Health Coaching

Health Coaching for Individuals and Groups

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